IronWoods is a project in which both nature and design merge. Far from the standards of mainstream living, beyond the mist, neat, geometrical shapes appear, inspired by cosmos and the more undiscovered peaks. A design research which lies somewhere between the return to earth and new sidereal spaces. The future is where we came from.

the project

Founded by Architect Edward Romano in 2015, Ironwoods provides a full range creative experience, understanding the client’s needs and expectations. Sharing focused design researches with other professionals in the biotech and physics fields, the studio is currently working on product, interior and mixed use projects, both in private and public sectors.


Every new project has a high design potential, but also a high responsibility, it’s an opportunity to blend and combine overlapping discoveries from different fields such as biology, geology, history, art and technology. Raising questions about the XXI century economic model and unbalanced resources, whilst not providing any definitive answers, this method aims to give a point of departure for new thinking.